As 5G Prevail, What 5G Defects does iPhone12 Series Have?

There must be a lot of people looking forward to this new iPhone12 series. This is the first time that 5G is applied to iPhone. But there are some 5G defects in iPhone12. Now let’s have a discuss that. We hope this can help solve the puzzles of consumers.

iPhone12 with 5G function comes out much later than some Android models. As the original 5G iPhone, its technology needs to be improved. Its 5G is still in a promotion stage. In order to lower the electricity consumption, iPhone12 adapts the intelligent data mode. It supports 5G, but it does not always support 5G. It can only switch to 5G when there is support of high speed network. If it is in low speed (like web page or standby state), it will be back to 4G network. Whether it can keep the network signal not being affected during mode switching, it is hard to say. It cannot replace 4G in a short time. But its 5G is potential in the future.

There are mainly two building directions of 5G at present. One is Sub-6GHz technology with low cost and high coverage. The other one is MMW technology with high cost, high speed but low coverage. The 5G of iPhone12 series uses the MMW technology. Its impact is limited. Some countries do not have this MMW technology yet. Hence, this 5G function of iPhone12 could not be used in those countries. In addition, the defects of MMW technology itself would affect the 5G usage of iPhone as well. The data transmission speed of MMW technology is good. But its distance of signal propagation is very short. The coverage of one MMW base station is just 190 meters. And its penetration is very poor. Once you enter a building, the signal will become very weak. Rainfall or heavy fog would affect the MMW transmission as well. Those are all the 5G defects of MMW. They are also problems that iPhone12 series need to solve.

Besides, 5G technology would expedite power consumption of the phone as well. We tested the CIPA of iPhone12 and iPhone12 Pro in 4G and 5G. With iPhone12 full charged, it can be used for 8H and 25 minutes in 5G. While it can be used for 10H and 23 minutes in 4G. In another word, the CIPA is shortened for 118 minutes in 5G comparing to 4G.

The CIPA of iPhone12 Pro is the same. It can be used for 9H and 6 minutes in 5G. While it can be used for 11H and 24 minutes in 4G. It shortens for as long as 138 minutes.

According to the official information from CONUS, iPhone12 has problems in 5G network. iPhone12 would switch to 4G network automatically while using two SIM cards. But if you just use one SIM card, this would not happen. Then there comes a contradiction, Double Card could not coexist with 5G. You have to give up one of them. This is also confirmed by Verizon, which is the biggest operator in America.

5G network is still in the early stage at present. Some defects in 5G technology in iPhone12 series still can not be solved. But we have faith that they will be solved in the future.

Above are the concrete analyses about 5G defects of iPhone12. We hope it can offer you some help to select the satisfied phone.

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