Evaluation of the Photographic Ability of iPhone 12?

A new iPhone has been released. I believe you are also looking forward to the photo-taking ability of the new iPhone. Today I will bring you iPhone12 photo review.

The camera parameters are as follows:
1. Primary: 12 MP sensor (1.7 μ photographic site). It’s Equivalent to an f / 1.6aperture of 26 mm. The sensor is offset from OIS, PDAF.
2. Super wide: 12 MP 1 / 3.6 "sensor." And it’s Equivalent to a 13mm (measured 14mm) f / 2.4 aperture lens.
3. Far away: 12 MP 1 / 3.4 sensors. It’s equivalent to a 65mm f / 2.2 aperture lens. And PDAF and OIS are also loaded.
4.LiDAR depth of field laser camera.
5.LED flash.

1.Photo Effect

The iPhone 12 camera may not have changed much compared to its previous cameras. The pixel of the rear lens is still 12 million. But the aperture of the main photo is larger than that of the 11 series. To be honest, the "hardware upgrade" of the lens is very small and subtle. It mainly focuses on algorithm and imaging. This also makes the photos taken by iPhone 12 have a good texture. The color is very close to the color seen by the naked eye. But iphone12 improves more than just color restoration. Compared with iPhone 11, iPhone 12 produces clearer images and more details. In horizontal shooting, it has an amazing dynamic range. In addition, you can also shoot 10-Bit 60 fps Dolby HDR video.

2.Portrait Mode

The portrait mode on iPhone 12 also performs better than iPhone 11. But edge handling can sometimes be a little imperfect. When dealing with isolated objects, the camera is good at virtualizing the surrounding scenery. This allows you to highlight portraits or independent objects. When taking portraits, the color is fuller. The noise will be much less and clearer than iPhone X. And the main camera and telephoto lens have optical anti-shake function. The sensor displacement anti-shake function is creative. It’s added to the main camera lens of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The anti-shake feature is more intimate for users to shoot videos on a daily basis.

3.Night Mode

Next, let's talk about one of the most closely watched features of the new iPhone. It’s the night mode. Both the IPhone12 series main camera and the ultra-wide angle have the function of night mode. All three lenses have the function of deep fusion. This means that the shooting effect of the 12 series on the dark light environment has been significantly improved. It dues to the large aperture of the night mode and the main sensor. And it makes the photos taken by iPhone12 in low light have more detail and less noise.

Although the iPhone12 series uses the equivalent 26mm main shot, 13mm ultra-wide angle and 52mm telephoto lens. But its upgrade in detail is also commendable. Especially in the end, the presentation effect of the photo is still very excellent. Overall, iPhone12 does not go with the flow. It still has its own pursuit and proposition. Did today's review tell you anything about the new iPhone12?

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