Assessment: HAWEI Mate 40 vs. P 40

HUAWEI mate 40 and HUAWEI p 40 are new smart machines from HUAWEI in March and October 2020. Both of the two smartphones were launched in 2020. But there is a big difference between them. In many ways, the performance of the HUAWEI mate 40 is better than that of the previous HUAWEI p 40.

I. Processor

Regarding the processors of the two models, the HUAWEI mate 40 is in sharp contrast to the p 40. HUAWEI p 40 uses Kirin 990 5G SoC chip. But HUAWEI mate 40 uses Kirin 9000E chip. In contrast, the processor of HUAWEI mate 40 has higher quality and high speed. HUAWEI mate 40 is obviously better if users have high demands on the processor.

II. Screen and Refresh

The screen size of the HUAWEI p 40 is 6.1 inches. That size of the HUAWEI mate 40 is 6.5 inches. On the screen display, HUAWEI mate 40 can bring users a wider field of vision. This time HUAWEI mate 40 uses a 68-degree curved waterfall screen. It can further expand the visual perception. It gives people a natural, smooth and flexible feeling. This is the reason why more and more users like waterfall screen design in recent years. In addition, HUAWEI p 40 has a screen resolution of 2340*1080. The screen resolution of HUAWEI mate 40 is 2376*1080. In terms of visual clarity, HUAWEI mate 40 is better. The refresh rate of the mobile phone is an important index affecting the fluency of using. HUAWEI p 40 has a screen refresh rate of 60 HZ. The screen refresh rate of HUAWEI mate 40 is 90 HZ. There is no doubt that a refresh rate of 90 HZ is more attractive than one of 60 HZ.

III. AI Face Recognition

HUAWEI p 40 supports infrared unlocking. But it does not support 3D face recognition. It belongs to non-payment face recognition. HUAWEI mate 40 supports 2D face recognition. In terms of mobile phone unlocking, both HUAWEI p 40 and HUAWEI mate 40 support AI face unlocking. But HUAWEI p 40 cannot realize auto-focusing. Then, for photographers and photography lovers, the photography function of HUAWEI mate 40 is more perfect.

IV. Power Quantity and Fast Charging

In terms of power performance, the batteries and fast charging heads of HUAWEI p 40 and HUAWEI mate 40 are quite different. HUAWEI p 40 uses a 3800mA battery. The HUAWEI mate 40 uses a 4200mA battery with longer endurance. At the same time, HUAWEI p 40 comes with a 22.5 W fast charging head. It does not support wireless charging. The HUAWEI mate 40 has a fast charging head of 66 W. It supports 27 W wireless charging. Therefore, HUAWEI mate 40 is better than HUAWEI p 40 in terms of electric quantity and fast charging.

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