Comparison of Different Versions of Laptops

"What factors do you consider when choosing a laptop computer?" I believe different people will have different answers.

Appearance and performance may be the first factors for students who are about to enter the campus.

For urban white-collar workers, convenience for carry is important.

For some heavy game lovers, strong performance is crucial.

HONOR MagicBook series processor integrates AMD Graphics card, 7 nm process technology, and 8-core design. Dominant frequency is 2.9 GHz. Maximum acceleration frequency is 4.2 GHz. It has advantages in process. It has more powerful performance and lower power consumption.

In terms of basic functions, HONOR MagicBook Pro performs well. Digital content creation is more eye-catching, which means it will be stronger in photo editing and video rendering.

HONOR MagicBook Pro has 16 GB dual-channel memory. It has more advantages in reading and writing speed. The transmission rate between CPU and memory in dual-channel design is higher. It has 512 GB high-performance high-speed solid-state disk. The application loading speed and game reading speed are improved. It provides excellent hardware support for the smooth experience of the whole machine.

These three laptops have high-energy mode. Whether it is heavy-load application or graphics rendering, you can experience the assistance of high-energy mode.

While bringing high-energy mode, HONOR MagicBook Pro has shark fin dual fan version 2.0. It adopts a fan motor of the game level. It is matched with a dual heat pipe design.

In order to reduce the noise, the air volume and fan noise are balanced through the linkage of the two fans. The noise is minimized during high-energy operation.

HONOR MagicBook 14/15 Ryzen version adopts the design of shark fin 2.0 mute fan. S-shaped fan blades can be oriented according to the wind direction of air flow. It increases the wind pressure of the fan and improves the heat dissipation performance. It is in line with the tonality of low-voltage U and is sufficient for use.

As for the size of the three products, there is a lot of knowledge. The size of HONOR MagicBook 14 Ryzen is 322.5 mm × 214.8 mm × 15.9 mm. The size of HONOR MagicBook 15 is 357.8 mm × 229.9 mm × 16.9 mm. The size of the HONOR MagicBook Pro Ryzen is 369 mm ×234 mm ×16.9 mm. The thickness control of the three is excellent. HONOR MagicBook Pro Ryzen is equipped with the higher performance. The thickness is controlled at 16.9 mm, which shows the excellent detail control ability.

Different versions of laptops have different features. You can select according to your actual needs when purchasing.

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