The iPhone12 Pro and iPhone12 hands-on experience were measured

The much-anticipated iPhone is finally here. Today I'm going to give you a hands-on experience with the new iPhone. Share the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro that you already have, to help those struggling users. There are also two new phones to choose from. That's the iPhone12 Mini and iPhone Pro Max. But I won't discuss it this time.

Today we're going to focus on the iPhone12 and iPhone12 pro. Compared to the previous iPhone11 and iPhone XR, the iPhone12 series does not need to be reduced in price in exchange for sales. The 12-series OLED screen is another bright spot. The iPhone12 and the iPhone12 Pro have the same body size and can even use the same protective case. In addition, this year's iPhone12 series will support 5G network. We finally saw the 5G icon in the iPhone's status bar.

The first and most obvious aspect of the hands-on experience is the shell. The iPhone12 is classic aerospace aluminum, and the iPhone12 pro is surgical stainless steel. Regardless of the difference in texture, the aluminum case definitely bothers many users. Especially when the hands are dry, they slip easily.

In terms of cameras, the 12Pro has a double telephoto lens and a lidar lens. The iPhone12 also doesn't support night mode or portrait mode. The quality of the portrait is related to the lidar scanner. Although both support Dolby Horizon HDR video shooting. The iPhone12 only goes up to 30fps, and the iPhone12 pro has a maximum of 60fps. However, I personally think the above three points are acceptable for most users. Of course, the iPhone12 series has also made great strides in appearance. It inserts custom ultra-narrow panels directly into the metal border. In addition to thinner and better looking, the overall crash resistance has also improved a lot. The frontal drop test scores were four times better than the previous generation. The backdrop has a double lift.

Finally, I will briefly share with you the color options of the two new models. After a close look, a color preference ranking was obtained. IPhone12 pro is gold > blue > white > black. The back glass of the Pro is frosted rather than glossy. The iPhone12 was ranked green >, red >, blue >, black > and white. Nevertheless color respect also differs from person to person, everybody can choose according to his be fond of.

In addition, the iPhone12 can also use MagSafe technology, very convenient. The addition of magnetic suction allows users to charge wirelessly without actively aiming. And the phone can more precisely align the wireless charging pad. This solves the problem of misalignment between the coil and the charging plate. To avoid power loss and serious heating problems. This gives Apple a wireless charging efficiency of 15W. In addition to the MagSafe charging pad, Apple also has a case that supports MagSafe wireless charging. A magnetic suction ring was added to keep the phone charged properly.

That's all for today. In general, the iPhone12 is worth buying. Do not cross specific choice which, can decide according to oneself economic circumstance. In addition to appearance, you can also refer to the performance parameters. After all, phones are for use.

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