Apple pauses all product sales in Russia

Yahoo Finance's Jared Blikre looks at the market action heading into the closing bell, the Nasdaq, Apple, the ARK ETF component stocks, and the travel sector.

Video Transcript

- Welcome back to Yahoo Finance Live. We're just about five minutes away from the closing bell. So let's take it over to Jared Blikre on the interactive.

JARED BLIKRE: That's right. And we're seeing the acceleration of losses into the close. The Dow now down nearly 2%. You can see just a little bit of a rise here, but nevertheless all the other indices, uh, look in the same way. And the Dow is set for its worst day not only of 2021-- or 2022, but also since November of last year.

And we got some breaking news on Apple I want to share with you and, of course, it's regarding Russia. They are pausing all their product sales in Russia. And we saw the price bleed a little bit lower, not a spike lower on that news. But also their online store in Russia shows their products as unavailable.

And then in a separate move, they're going to remove the RT News, that's formerly Russia Today, and also Sputnik from stores outside of Russia. They're disabling traffic and live incident-- incidents in their Apple Maps in the Ukraine, likely due to security concerns there. So once again, Apple says it has stopped all exports into Russia sales channels. And you can see the stock heading lower into the close here.

The mega caps not under the most pressure today. They should have gotten a little bit of a reprieve from the falling or should I say crashing yields. But you take a look at some of the chip stocks, that's where we've seen a lot of the action centered today. We see Nvidia down 4%, AMD off 8%, and a lot of these down similarly.

Also taking a look at some of the ARK components as a sentiment indicator. Not seeing a lot of green here. And then finally, we want to check out the travel sector and that is seeing some steep losses as well. Royal Caribbean down 9%, guys.

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