Apple’s New iPhone SE Is as Fast as an iPhone 13

After a brief rundown of the new content coming to Apple TV+, Apple announced a new iPhone SE for 2022 with the same speedy A15 processor found in the far more expensive iPhone 13 at its Spring event.

The new iPhone SE gets a small price bump compared to the previous model. It’s $429, which is $30 more than the previous generation. With that extra cost, you get a substantially more powerful device that’s still quite a bit cheaper than other iPhone models.

That A15 chipset provides a lot more power than the previous iPhone SE. Apple says there’s a CPU gain of 1.8x compared to an iPhone 8 and a GPU gain of 2.2x compared to the same phone. Not only that, but the powerful chip allows the phone to achieve better battery life, though Apple didn’t specify how much better it’d be.

As is always the case with the iPhone SE, the new one is a lot smaller than the current high-end phones. It comes with a 4.7″ screen with some thick bezels that don’t exactly blend in with the sleek design of modern phones. However, you do get an actual home button with those bezels, which might make the crowd this phone is targeting happy.

Perhaps the most significant selling point of the new iPhone SE is support for 5G connectivity. For a $429 phone, getting the speed offered by 5G is a major upgrade.


The phone comes with a single camera on the back, but it does have support for portrait mode, which helps create those nicer-looking photos with depth of field.

If you’re looking to grab an iPhone SE, you can preorder it on March 11, 2022. Buyers who order will receive their phones on March 18, 2022.

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