Huawei, has over the years, proven itself to be one of the best producers of world-class laptops in the globe. From the appearance of their computer, you’ll see a lot of precision and accuracy. When you get to the features of any Huawei laptop, then you’ll be surprised at what you’ll see. With a wide range of laptops created, a group of very common laptops is the huawei matebook full series.

Huawei matebook full series was first released on February 21st, 2016. Initially, these laptop series came with the Windows operating system. But in September 2019, Huawei included Deepin as one of the operating systems in the Huawei Matebook series. The laptops under the Huawei Matebook full series have loads of unique features. The central processing unit is usually an intel or AMD, with the Random Access Memory RAM, staying at either 8GB or 16GB. 

Huawei Matebook full series laptops are so wonderful that users even debate about the laptops. A typical pair usually mentioned in each debate is the Huawei matebook 16 and the matebook 14. In comparison, both laptops are amazing, depending on the features you want for your laptop. In this guide, we’ll compare both the matebook 14 and 16 highlighting the advantage of each over the other. 

Matebook 14: Features and Advantages

Matebook 14 is a fantastic laptop with a Core i7 processor as well as an iris Xe. Also, it has a 90%ratio of the screen to body. It has a storage of up to 1 Terabyte for its ROM, while its RAM is 16GB giving you enough space to run numerous programs. The keyboard of this laptop has a back-light, and you have a 1.5mm travel space. You have four speakers giving you great sound, as well as four microphones, suitable for online meetings. Some of the advantages of this laptop include; 

  • The screen refresh rate has a faster frequency than the Matebook 16. (90>60)

  • The laptop comes with a display that supports touch input. 

  • Screen brightness is very high. The highest level is 400 nits. 

  • The matebook 14 laptop is incredibly lightweight. Its weight is 560 grams less than the Matebook 16. 

Matebook 16: Features and Advantages 

Huawei’s Matebook 16 laptop isn’t the most portable laptop in the world, but when it comes to features, it’s one of the best laptops available. The laptop also comes with a 90% screen-to-body ratio, as well as a 2.5k clear display sitting on 16 inches. The internal memory of 512GB, with the latest models of Bluetooth and WiFi, Bluetooth 5 and WiFi 6, respectively. The keyboard of this Huawei laptop is classy and spacious. The keyboard gives room for an enormous touchpad. It’s two speakers that can provide you with the right sound anytime. Some of the advantages of matebook 16 over 14 include; 

  • This laptop has a port for the old USB type A – so people with these devices aren’t left behind. 

  • Better battery power than the matebook 14 – 80 Watts>64 Watts. 

  • CPU performance is better than matebook 14. 


There you have it – we just ended the comparison between Huawei matebook 14 and 16. Both laptops are great, and with the features and advantages discussed above, you should pick one conveniently. 

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