The Best Android Phones Not Made by Samsung

Though Samsung is the global leader in smartphone sales, you don’t have to buy one of its devices to get top performance. Other companies make great Android phones, too.

Models from Google, OnePlus, and Sony might not rise to the very top of our ratings, but they come close, says Rich Fisco, Consumer Reports’ head of electronics testing.

“The scores are so close that as long as you know what the phones have and what they may be missing, and you’re okay with that, then go ahead, save your money and get one,” he says.

You won’t have to give up high-end features, such as a wide-angle camera or a state-of-the-art OLED display. And these days, many of the phones come with great battery life, wireless charging, and 5G capability, too.

Here are the Android phones that performed best in our tests, even without a “Galaxy” in their name. For a list of top-flight Samsung phones, check out our article on the best smartphones of the year. CR members can also consult our full smartphone ratings.

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