What are the Best Used iPhones to Buy in 2021?

Note: This was written before the release of the new iPhone SE 2020. The original iPhone SE that we feature in this section will be far cheaper, but consider getting the SE 2020 if you want a phone that will last you longer and feel a little more modern.

We all know that person who is always on the move, has a full schedule, and just generally needs a phone that is compact and functional. For this kind of archetype, we think one of the best used iPhones is the classic iPhone SE. Its biggest pros? You can type one-handed. You have a headphone jack. It’s virtually indestructible. It looks dope. Cons? It’s not the fastest iPhone anymore due to its age. There are iPhones with bigger batteries. And you might want a bigger screen if you watch a lot of videos.

Since this is a classic iPhone, it still has the home button as opposed to the new gesture-based navigation of newer iPhones. If you want to multi-task and switch between multiple applications, just press the home button twice in quick succession and you'll see all your recently used apps pop up. Also, if you do decide to get one of these, stay away from the 16GB model. For today's standards, this is a very small amount of storage. We would suggest going for a 64GB model if you plan to hold on to the phone for at least a year.

And, believe it or not, just because this isn't the newest Apple iPhone doesn't mean that it's skimpy in terms of accessing data from cell networks. Just like the newest iPhones, this iPhone has LTE antennas which mean you can watch videos or play games wherever and whenever. And yes, there are versions of this phone that work on both GSM and CDMA networks. And if you plan on traveling or swapping SIM cards often, consider buying an unlocked model.


Classic design (any vintage fans out there?)

Amazing ergonomics

Headphone jack (who doesn't love old-school wired headphones?)


Small screen

Aging internals (this iPhone is from 2016)

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