Sliding Shower Door vs. Curtain: Which is Better?

Whether you are looking to enhance the bathroom qualities or designing a new bath design, deciding on a bath entryway is a significant choice to make for scheming a bathroom. This means deciding between a shower curtain and a sliding glass door, which can be a tough choice since both offer a different set of benefits and value to a bathroom. Despite both being classified as a bath entryway, a sliding glass door and shower curtain differ greatly across several factors, which is why it is important to identify their benefits to determine which would be the better choice. For deciding more easily, this article goes over the key benefits that both choices have to offer.


Sliding Shower Door

Fully Enclosed Bath

Given the fully enclosed space from sliding shower doors, everything is contained and ensures no water escapes from the bath. The fully enclosed space is effective at keeping a dry bathroom floor and does well in preventing any mess when using the bath.

Space Efficient

Not only are sliding shower doors effective at keeping the bath organized and contained, but they also prove to be highly efficient space-savers. Since sliding glass doors do not require much space for opening and closing, they are excellent choices for bathrooms where space is limited.

Custom Designs

Sliding glass doors can be designed and installed depending on the bath space and ceiling angle. For sloped ceilings, custom shower panels are ideal since they are designed to suit complex ceiling angles, spaces, and irregular bath heights. Although custom shower panels may cost a little more, they offer a perfect and well-organized solution to irregular bath spaces.

Flexible Options

A glass door offers multiple options in terms of design and entry type. Aside from the common two-paneled glass door with one panel for opening and the other being fixed, there are other shower door types including folding, hinged, and the classic with sliding door wheels.

Shower Curtains

Personalized Aesthetics

Shower curtains are simple yet effective ways of instantly adding a splash of color through countless options of print designs. This gives room for further enhancing the style and theme of the bathroom, without spending too much effort and money.

Effortless Installation

Given the generally simple design of shower curtains, they are remarkably easy to install and replace, making it no hassle to switch curtains by the season or simply aspire to a new look. Setting up a shower curtain requires very little effort and can be done in only a few minutes without any experience.


It is no doubt shower curtains are inexpensive. Especially compared to glass door panels, shower curtains can cost less than a tenth of the usual price of sliding shower doors. Even the most elegant and appealing curtain designs would not cost much, which allows users to choose just about any curtain design without breaking the bank. Also, finding a selection of shower curtains would unlikely be a problem since they are almost always available in most areas.


Unlike the revealing glass panels of shower doors, shower curtains provide full privacy within a bath, making it perfect for situations where privacy can be a problem like a shared bathroom. Furthermore, shower curtains are not only effective at maintaining privacy during baths, but they are also great at concealing any unattractive qualities of the bath, like a hideously designed tub or awkward-looking shower head.



In essence, the choice between a sliding glass door and a shower curtain will come down to two important factors: aesthetic appeal and price. Although both choices have their advantages and disadvantages, it would be ideal to decide on the one which would benefit you the most, while keeping in mind the price and aesthetics.


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